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It’s really good that you stopped by the page!  A lot of you that are stopping by are new visitors to Meridamx, and we welcome you to hang around and enjoy the site (yes, it’s still under construction, but we all are to a point!)  In any case, enjoy the pages!

Below you’ll see the links for class studies.  If you’re a student, you pretty much know which level you’re studying under but feel free to move around and check out other levels as well!

Some of the links aren’t ready yet because we’re still checking out the classes from where we will be getting our “outside studies” from.  And I apologize for this but as you all know, this is pretty much a one-man teaching operation (for now) and I’m having to divide my time between classes, updating the site, checking out new materials, and a lot of other things to help you with your English studies!  (And you’re ALL doing amazing… I’m proud of you all!)

So check out the links and if you aren’t a student, you can still contact me on the form below with questions, suggestions, comments, etc.  Be sure to leave your email or contact number so that I can get back in touch with you!

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Class Studies

Mixed Studies

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Class Assignments

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