Cool Sites

The sites on this page don’t belong to us BUT we endorse them!  (Otherwise, they wouldn’t be here!)  So we urge you to check them out and then tell us what you think of them.

The first on is Putlocker’s movies, tv shows, documentaries, etc.  Some of us here have been using this link for a few years and personally, I totally enjoy it!  I suggest that you use adblocker or adblocker plus before you open a movie or show, otherwise you’re going to get a lot of popups and new pages open.  After you install adblock, find the movie or show that you like, click on it, and follow the links to what you want. ( is a great link, although there are others)  And, there is free software on the internet that you can use to download the videos to your pc/laptop so that you can have them forever!  check them out!

If you like documentaries, here’s a link that you will want to check out.  (One of several that we’re going to be offering you.)  There are some really good videos here.

TrendingDocs is the name of the site.