Class Studies

Exercises, Cool Apps, and Videos

This is a great website that will give you a comprehensive perspective of the English language, including grammar rules, downloadable/printable exercises, tests, etc.  Click here

Here are some more issues that Spanish Speakers have when learning English.   Click here

Dictionary and Thesaurus    You should really get to know the dictionary and thesaurus.  It can really help you a LOT and in our case (learning English pronunciation) it’s more of a necessity than just something that you MIGHT need from time to time!  So check it out!  Type in some words in both the dictionary AND the thesaurus to see what you come up with!  (And yes, it also gives you the meaning of “dirty” words!

Here’s another dictionary that’s pretty cool, called the “Urban Dictionary.”  Basically, it’s a lot of slang words, ok… a LOT of slang words that you might hear on a daily basis if you’re in the USA, or if you sit near the Gringos at Starbucks and listen to their conversations! (This is really cool to do, by the way!)  Go HERE

Vocabulary and tongue twisters (empty link for now)

If you don’t already have these apps on your smartfone, it would behoove you to go to GooglePlay and download them!  They’re really beneficial and you’ll find that they’ll really help you in your endeavors to assimilate the English language!

— DuoLingo – This is a free, multi-language course that can help to bring your English proficiency up to around 75%.  But you have to practice.

–Merriam/Webster (or other) dictionary of the English language.  Be sure that it also has a good thesaurus as well.

–Whatssap – A text/video/audio messenger that will let you share a multitude of media to just about anyone, anywhere.  And it’s FREE!

–I’ll put more apps on here in a day or so.  And if it isn’t free, then you won’t find it here!  The same goes:  if I didn’t think that it would be beneficial to you, then I wouldn’t waste your time with it!

Here are some pretty cool videos that I think will really help you! Some of them you’ve seen but go back over them for a quick review.  You’ll notice that these videos are generally short and the reason for this is that most of you have a lot of other assignments and/or things to do other than studying this class.  While it would be really groovy for you to be able to just hang out and study English all the time, this isn’t a reasonable expextation for most of you.  But remember, the more you study and practice, the faster that you’re going to learn to master English!

The first video is an explanation of the International Phonetic Alphabet.  The IPA is a pretty cool tool to use so check it out








Yes, she has a British accent but what she’s teaching is exactly what you should be working on (if not now, then in the near future!)  And besides, it’s always good to work from different perspectives!