From the locals

We talked with a lot of people from Merida and Yucatan and they gave us a lot of information to pass along to our readers, especially if they’re going to be living here in Merida.  We wanted to know what THEIR suggestions and words of wisdom are, and we wanted to share it with you. (Verbatim)

Alejandra-  “Try to learn some Spanish and try to talk with people. Even if you don’t know a lot of phrases, the fact that you are trying goes a long way in making friends here.  And smile a lot!”

Montse A-  “If you’re going to live here, learn our customs and our culture. Learn to speak our language.  And learn our traditions and stuff as well. You will get a lot more respect from others if you are asking about others rather than telling others how important you are, or trying to act better than others!  And there are some foreigners that do exactly that!”

Rudy-  “Be respectful of our traditions and our way of life.  Be respectful of US and our families!”

Dr. Alisa Rameriz-  “Know what to do in case you have an emergency.  Know some basic phrases such as “I need to go to the hospital,” and also a few basic symptopms and signs (headache, nausea, heart problems, and those kinds of things.)  If you’re using your phone to call for assistance, be able to tell the operator where you are (what colonia, what calle, and between what 2 intersections.)  If you have medical problems in the past, make a list of them and have them translated into Spanish so if you have to see a doctor you can give them that list.  Also write down what medications that you’re taking, prescription drugs or not, and what you may be allergic to.  These things might actually save your life!

            “Dress light, drink a LOT of water and keep hydrated! This is very important. Carry water with you when you go out and especially if you’re going to be walking!  And guys, please don’t wear socks with sandals!”

Jerry-  “Don’t do stuff that is illegal or against the law because Mexico is not a place that you want to be in jail in!  If it’s illegal where you came from then its probably illegal here.  You should check with your State Department before you leave or your consulate when you get here if you are still unsure.  Guns will get you a long time in jail and so will drugs!  Just have fun and enjoy Merida!  Don’t get into any trouble and just be a good person.”

Hector-   “A lot of people here work for tips, especially the people who bag your groceries and the men that help you park your cars.  They don’t get a salary so they have to survive on the tips that they get from people.  Be sure that if you are assisted that you should give a tip.  Even just a few pesos and it will be appreciated a LOT!  Thank you.”

Gabriella-  “If you’re going to live here, really you should learn the language.  I know some gringos that have lived here for a few years and when they go shopping, instead of trying to learn the language, they carry pictures of what they’re looking for!  Use a translator app on your celular if you have to, but at least try!  Also, tip waitresses, baggers, and people who make deliveries to your house or where you are staying. They will thank you a lot for anything that you give them!”

Mihaela-  “Take day tours of places around Yucatan as well as in the city!  There is a lot to see and do here.  A good travel agent can help you plan your trip here and also can help you with deciding on where you should go, what to see, and what to do.  Don’t just stay in your room, though.  Even if you live here, take advantage of what we have to offer in Yucatan!”

Mario-  “Shop at the local markets and farmacias, especially the ones in the neighborhoods where you will be staying. You will get a lot better deals on food and things and you will also be helping the economy of the area as well as of Mexico.”


This page is an ongoing pursuit in order to help everyone who is here, or who is planning on coming here in the future.  Also, it’s for those who are just interested in such advice and words of wisdom.  So keep checking back, and if YOU have some advice or anything that you want to share with our readers, let us know!