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Wednesday, May 10

Stay with the current, general assignments that I gave during the classes over the last 2 weeks (and they’re also listed below!).  Remember to study a LOT, use English whenever you can, and watch the videos on this site.  Also, go to YouTube (if you want to) and check out English Studies… there are also some cool cartoons for those of you that like cartoons!

Text me if you have a problem, or you can use the contact form below!  So…  study study study!  I will see you next class!

The general assignments…

…that I’ve put here are to be used in addition to the private lessons that we’re working on.  We have a few new students now and everyone is pretty much at the same level so the assignments here can (and should) be used for everyone in the intermediate – advanced – conversational speaking levels.  If you’re serious about learning, be sure to complete these lessons and assignments, as well as those that are posted here in the future.  You’re going to find some of the assignments will utilize the online english/grammar exercises that I have linked, as well as other things that will help you to speak, read, and better understand the English language!  So.  Read on!

General Assignments

Familiarize yourself with the course materials that I put online for you.  Get to know where everything is and what it’s all about, because in a week (or sooner) I’ll be giving you work to do from those pages.

Watch any/all of the videos that you haven’t seen (and it would be good to go back and review those that you’ve already checked out. Remember:  practice makes perfect!

Say your alphabet 2 to 3 times a day, as well as the vowels. Count from 1 to 100 as well.  This might sound redundant, but as I said before, these simple exercises will help to strengthen the muscles in your tongue that you never (or rarely) use when you’re speaking spanish.  It’s the same with the Tongue-Twisters, as well as the other speaking exercises that I offer.

One of the things that will really help you a lot is to find a video that you really like (no matter the subject or the length) and as you listen to it, try to imitate (exactly) what you’ve heard.  This generally requires a voice recorder.  After you’ve recorded your rendition of the video (or audio), play it back next to the original video/audio and see how you did.  Do this frequently.  Learn to exactly imitate the english words and phrases that you hear until your recorded voice is at an acceptable level for you.

I’m putting more assignments together for you so check back and see what’s new.

If you ever have any problems, concerns, or comments, just send me a Whatsapp Text so that I can get the issue taken care of really quickly!  That’s it for now.  Take care and I hope to see you soon!