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I moved your vids to their own page… as you surely have noticed.  And in your text to me the other day you said that you didn’t need more vids, and that you just needed to study.  Correct?  Well, it seems to me that if you’re watching the vids that I put on here for you, and you’re paying attention to what’s being said, then you’re studying.  (Talk about rationalization! Haaa!)  If you can study by watching something that you find really groovy or awesome, or interesting, then the words sort of stick in your brain a lot faster.  So, when you watch the vids, you should listen to the words being spoken, listen for accents, and see if you can imitate what’s being said.  Wow! Now you have some really cool homework with stuff that is fun to watch!  That is soooo coooool!

Here’s a couple of vids that will help your English and they will certainly help you around the kitchen! By the way, would you like some really cool recipes on here? Just let me know, and they’re there!

Ok…. Here are a couple of nail tutorials….. Understand that I generally don’t use video tutorials to do my nails, but, what the hell, I’m kind of the adventurous type of a guy. And I wouldn’t be afraid to get in touch with my feminine side… if I HAD a feminine side! Enjoy these next videos!


So… you mentioned fashion/styles but you didn’t specify men’s or women’s fashions. So I just decided to have some fun with the idea.

Ok. Back to learning English! I think that learning a few idioms would really help you as well. Soooo, check ’em out:



Here are some kitchen phrases and words that you might find useful!


And here are some teen slang words and phrases that you might need, or at least want to know about! (Or not, but at least now you know them anyway!)



. that’s all for now! You should have enough to keep you going when you can’t come over to chill and chat! But please, don’t let this replace your visits…. (please?)

See ya’ later!