Ok… I was debating on whether or not to add these but, what the hell! I think that you’ll like the music… soooo enjoy!

(I’m not supposed to have Sarai online!  Enjoy it while you can ’cause when the powers that be find it, it’ll be removed!)


A little something about me:  Once upon a time, in another life, I had substantially more than I do now. I loved to go to the city so I coild enjoy the lounges and the really cool (eclectic jazz) and blues. I listen to the sounds and although I don’t necessarily understand all of the foreign words, the music just sort of takes me away on a mental vacation! Food was another of my weaknesses.  And adventure. The music, now  is a getaway for me… and the memories.  (I rarely share my personal life with anyone. .. I seem to be able to talk to you for some reason. )

What’s really cool is that the language used in Cirque Du Soleil is actually called “Cirquish” and has no translation!  I think that you just put the words that the music brings to your mind and let your imagination sort of carry you away!