This is just an excerpt from another page on our site (Bus Routes and Taxis) but it’s information that’s very important to know if you’re new to the city and need to find a dependable, honest, safe taxi to get you to where you need to be:

  • Guillermo (Mimo) – +52 1 999 263 3000   I like Guillermo as do everyone who has the pleasure of riding with him.  He’s very intelligent, very conversant, speaks English fluently, and can tell you anything about the city that you want to know including the locations of hospitals, atms, the best mercados (markets), malls, or any location that you’re interested in!  He goes way out of his way to help his passengers, and once you’ve had him as a driver, you’ll have him on speed dial for the duration of your trip.  If you need to be somewhere, give him a call or text him thru Whatsapp (same number.)
  • Ernesto – +52 1 999 334 3904  Ernesto is another really awesome driver!  He’s fair, very honest, speaks English, and knows where everything is in the city!  He will help you in any way that he can and always has a smile on his face!  He, too, will go out of his way to help you. So this is another driver that you might want to consider keeping on speed-dial.
  • The alternative that many prefer, if you can’t reach one of our suggested drivers, is to just download Uber onto your smartphone!  It’s a lot less expensive that other taxis, you have a pick-up point and destination point plotted out on a google map, the app tells you how long you will have to wait for a pick-up, what type of car it will be, the driver’s name, and the approximate fare!  How simple is that? (You can download Uber from GooglePlay!  It’s free!)

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If you’re new to the area (or even if you aren’t) check out the list that we’ve already established… you might find information there that you weren’t aware of, and that’s ok because that’s what we’re here for:  to take a new look at an old and grand city!

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